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Theme for Worship for the Third Sunday after Pentecost, June 13th:

Where Are We - with God or against Him?

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"Peace to you!" from
Pastor Jon Cox

Thank you for visiting the Bethel website! 

Bethel is a family of believers in the one true God.  He has done all that the world needs to be saved from sin.

Jesus Christ, is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Through faith in his life, death, and resurrection, all people may have forgiveness of sins and life in heaven.

No matter what troubles may confront us in this life, God promises to provide for all life, to care for his believers, and to work through all circumstances to bring about good for those who love him.

I have been a pastor since 1992, and have had the privilege to serve many people in various situations. I want to serve you too.

If you would like any spiritual or pastoral care from me, questions answered, prayers prayed, or just a listening ear, please call me on my cell phone or send an email message to me.

Pastor Jon Cox

Hello to everyone arriving at this "Faith Related Q&A" section! 
Just want you all to know that this section is fed by questions that are submitted through the website
of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, not by questions submitted to me. 
They are answered by a man who is on the faculty of our synod's seminary.  He is well-equiped
to answer questions on the basis of what God's Word says and how our church teaches.

If you have questions about any answer that you read here, please contact me and I will do my
best to explain things for you or help you contact the person who wrote the answer in the first place.
Thank you, again, for visiting our Bethel website. 
Peace to you, Pastor Jon Cox

Faith Related Q and A

If I'm reading the Athanasian Creed correctly, it says a belief in the Trinity is necessary for salvation. Could you please elaborate on this a little bit? How could a person be lost if they don't believe in the Trinity, which is a difficult concept for people to comprehend. I believe in the Trinity, but I've always found the Athanasian Creed a bit troubling because I do not fully understand how a belief in the Trinity relates to the Gospel. Maybe it is simply because the Athanasian Creed was written to combat heresies that said Jesus was only a man?
You are reading and understanding the Athanasian Creed correctly. The Bible teaches that there is salvation only through faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God (John 14:6; Acts 4:12). As you suggested, the Athanasian Creed was written to combat heresies that Jesus is inferior to God the Father. If Jesus is not God, then God is not triune; a denial of Jesus is a denial of the Father (John 5:22-23). The doctrine of the Trinity certainly “is a difficult concept for people to comprehend.” Thankfully, saving faith does not mean that people need to understand all the complexities of biblical doctrines. Saving faith is trust, acceptance and reliance on what God declares about himself and his works (Hebrews 11:1). Saving faith is trust in the God the Bible, who reveals himself in Scripture as a triune God. The Athanasian Creed does not condemn Christians who struggle to understand a God who is far superior to them in every way. The Athanasian Creed does condemn those who deny the deity of Christ and the doctrine of the Trinity.
Does an adult have to be confirmed before they can be baptized?
Recognizing that the Bible does not command Confirmation, the answer is “no.” Because there is Christian freedom in this area, practices will vary. Some adults might want to wait until their course of Bible instruction is completed before they are baptized. Others might desire to be baptized as they learn about God’s love for them and the blessings of Baptism. Our pastors will work with adults and treat each situation individually.
Forward in Christ

My Christian life: Highlighting the Scriptures through art
photo of Jason JaspersenAn artist highlights the Scriptures in new ways through his art. Many would say that our truest passions in life emerge in childhood. But as we move into adolescence and adulthood, these interests might be set aside or forgotten. Not for artist Jason Jaspersen. He grew up in a household that was filled with creativity, […]
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