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How Can We Thank God for All His Goodness?

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"Peace to you!" from
Pastor Jon Cox

Thank you for visiting the Bethel website! 

Bethel is a family of believers in the one true God.  He has done all that the world needs to be saved from sin.

Jesus Christ, is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Through faith in his life, death, and resurrection, all people may have forgiveness of sins and life in heaven.

No matter what troubles may confront us in this life, God promises to provide for all life, to care for his believers, and to work through all circumstances to bring about good for those who love him.

I have been a pastor since 1992, and have had the privilege to serve many people in various situations. I want to serve you too.

If you would like any spiritual or pastoral care from me, questions answered, prayers prayed, or just a listening ear, please call me on my cell phone or send an email message to me.

Pastor Jon Cox


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Forward in Christ

Christian love in politics
Remember who you are as you conduct yourself during this political season. Even though this is about politics, I’m not going to tell you who to vote for or try to convince you that Jesus would be supporting a particular side. But I want to offer some thoughts about attitudes during election times. Here’s an […]
Faith Related Q and A

If I feel uncomfortable being around other church members who are not wearing masks (this includes the pastors), is it okay for me to avoid them? This would include me taking my daughter out of Catechism class because we both feel very unsafe and we do not want to offend others. Catechism started off with everyone wearing masks and now no one is wearing a mask except us.
As I look at church websites, I see a theme of “If you have concerns or are uncomfortable about in-person worship or Bible classes, please join us online or via our live stream.” That theme illustrates that church leaders understand the different comfort levels people currently have with congregational in-person events. Concern for your physical health is certainly a legitimate reason for determining the way in which you and your family receive Christian education from your congregation. If you have not done so already, you will want to contact your pastors, share your concerns with them and see how your spiritual needs might be met. Let’s all continue to pray that, God willing, we can soon return to the congregational life we enjoyed earlier this year.
I've read that Scripture indicates we will know our loved ones in heaven. This is a great comfort to me. Then I read where someone said they saw verses that indicated we will not know our loved ones in heaven. Do you know what verses they could be referring to?
I do not know which Bible verses those people may be referencing. The section of Scripture that people often cite to indicate that we will know our loved ones in heaven is 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18. That part of the Bible describes Jesus returning to this world visibly on the Last Day with those who died in the faith and Christians on earth meeting them in the air. Others point to the account of Jesus’ transfiguration, where Peter, James and John knew Moses and Elijah.
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