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Pastor Jim Mumm

Jim was born in 1937 on a farm in Horton Township in the rural Hancock/Morris Area of Minnesota. In the year of his birth, he received God’s sacred name in Holy Baptism and was adopted into His Family of Believers at Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Horton Township. Jim and his six siblings were blessed with devout Christian parents, Henry and Frances Mumm.  Henry and Frances lovingly and diligently trained-up their children in the truths of God’s Word.  By God’s grace and through faith in Jesus Christ, Henry and Frances now live with the LORD God in heaven.

Jim graduated from Zion Lutheran Grade School in Sanborn, Minnesota;  Dr. Martin Luther High School in New Ulm. Minnesota;  Northwestern College in Watertown, Wisconsin;  and Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, Wisconsin.
During his college years, Jim worked in Road Construction during the summer months and at Bethesda Lutheran Home in Watertown, Wisconsin, as a care-giver during the school months.  After graduating from Northwestern College, Jim served for a year as the Director of Recreation at Bethesda Lutheran Home.  After entering the Lutheran Ministry, Jim served on Bethesda’s Board of Directors.

After graduating from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in 1965, Jim served as a full-time Lutheran Pastor for a total of forty years in the State of Wisconsin.  For seven years, he served as the pastor of a Tri-parish composed of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Hill Point, Trinity Lutheran Church in Lime Ridge, and Faith Lutheran Church in Reedsburg. For nineteen years, Jim served as a pastor at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Onalaska.  For fourteen years, he served as the founding pastor at Lord of Love Lutheran Church in De Forest.

Since his retirement from the full-time Lutheran Ministry in 2005, Jim has served as a Vacancy Pastor at twelve WELS congregations located in Wisconsin, Florida, the Island of Granada, California, Texas and Nevada.  He also taught Christian doctrine in China with China Partners, now titled, “316NOW.”

In his younger years, Jim enjoyed participating in various sports.  He’s hunted in Minnesota and Wisconsin and fished in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Canada.  Jim enjoys the wonders of God’s Realm of Nature by means of hiking, bicycling and canoeing.  He has taken many canoeing trips into the Boundary Waters of Minnesota and Canada with family members, friends and the Lutheran Pioneers.

Jim’s first wife, Dianne nee Erven, passed from this life when she was fifty-nine years old.  Jim and Dianne have six children.  Jim’s present wife is Gail nee Smith/Knudson.  Gail and her deceased husband, John Knudson, have three children.  Dianne and John now live in the perfect happiness of God’s heaven which has been earned by Jesus Christ for all people and is given to all of His believers.  The United Family of Jim and Gail is composed of nine children, twenty-six grandchildren, and fourteen great grandchildren.  Jim and Gail presently live in Onalaska, Wisconsin.

The LORD God, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, has richly blessed Jim.  The LORD has blessed him with earthly life, faith in Jesus Christ, forgiveness of sins, the privilege to share God’s saving Word with other precious people, Christian family members and friends, many good things to do and enjoy on earth, and with the promise of everlasting life in heaven.  Jim says with the inspired writer of Psalm 106:1-2,  “Praise the LORD.  Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; His love endures forever.  Who can proclaim the mighty acts of the LORD or fully declare His praise?”
James and Gail Mumm
563 Court Road  -  Onalaska, Wisconsin 54650
608-781-1879   -


"Peace to you!" from
Pastor Jon Cox

Grace and peace to you from Jesus Christ!  
Thank you for visiting the Bethel Lutheran website! We would be especially glad if what you saw here would lead you to visit and worship with us in Galesville or Arcadia.

My wife, Doreen, and I have been married since 1990.  We've been at home on the west side of Galesville since 2011. While our five children are growing up and heading out on their own, its nice to live where the neighbors are friendly.

The family at Bethel Lutheran is certainly a friendly group.  We love it there and believe that you would too.  Our members come from a range of backgrounds and span an age range from little ones on up, but there is a harmony among us that makes being at church there a peaceful experience. 

Over the last 27 years of ministry, I've been blessed to serve in a wide variety of settings and situations.  From a small mission congregation in central Texas, to a large congregation in central Wisconsin, to Bethel - Galesville and Arcadia. No matter the setting or size, the most valuable feature of life in these congregations is the blessing of being able to share Gods' Word with people who are eager to hear it.

It is so true that people of differing places and cultures face many of the same troubles.  We all need the Word of God to counsel and direct our lives.  The message of Jesus Christ is the one constant power that both motivates us to reach for success and comforts us when faced with plans that fail.  We can always trust the goodness of God to bless and sustain us.

It is always a blessing to meet  new people at church.  I would be so happy to help you know Jesus Christ.  Take a little time, read about what we believe, then come and see for yourself all the good things that God is doing at Bethel!

Contact Pastor Cox by email - - or phone (608) 582-9998

Faith Related Q and A

If a person refuses life-saving medical treatment, would it be considered suicide?
You will want to speak to your pastor if your question involves you and your health. Another valuable resource for you is Christian Life Resources. There you will find information like this: “QUESTION: What medical treatment may I in good conscience refuse? “ANSWER: We should never refuse any medical treatment for the purpose of hastening our death. The time of death is God’s to choose. Under most circumstances we should not refuse treatment for conditions easily and commonly treated like pneumonia, which if left untreated may kill us, for the purpose of hastening our death from a terminal condition like some forms of cancer. We also should not refuse food and water even when given artificially if the purpose is to hasten our death by malnutrition or dehydration so that we do not have to die naturally of some other condition over a period of months or even years. “Major surgery or other costly medical treatment of our modern age whose only purpose is to extend what God will take away very soon may in good conscience be refused. Limited resources may not make these treatments possible, and the knowledge that our times are in God’s hands does not make them necessary.”
In the recent answer about fellowship and Communion (question was from an AALC member), the response included the words “closed communion.” I am a lifelong WELS member, and have been taught that we observe “close” not closed communion. Which is correct?
The terms are used interchangeably. The difference depends on the intended emphasis. Our new Catechism offers this explanation: “We express this truth [that stated in 1 Corinthians 10:17] by practicing close or closed Communion. We might refer to it as ‘close’ Communion because we only commune with those who are united with us in faith. We may also say that we practice ‘closed’ Communion to indicate that the Lord’s Supper is closed to those who believe and teach differently. Whichever term is used, the practice of communing only with those who share a common faith is according to God’s command and testifies to our desire to be faithful to God’s Word.” (Page 368)
WELS Streaming Videos

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October: Equipping Christian Witnesses

Martin Luther College (MLC), New Ulm, Minn. is recognizing 150+ years of ministerial training in our synod by celebrating the 2020 silver anniversary of MLC with a two-year campaign. The title, “Equipping Christian Witnesses,” reflects not only the mission of its institution—to train a corps of Christian witnesses to meet WELS ministry needs—but also the pillars of the campaign; Recruitment, Financial Aid, and Facilities.

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September: 2019 WELS Synod Convention Recap

The 2019 Synod Convention was held July 29 -August 1 on the campus of Martin Luther College, New Ulm, Minn. There, more than 400 delegates met under the theme, ”For the Generations to Come”. Bringing together lay and called worker representatives from all over the country allows our church body to build consensus as we plan our future gospel ministry work.

Cast: WELS

Forward in Christ

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