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Beginning with Sunday, September 6,
worship at Bethel Arcadia will be at 8:30 AM
worship at Bethel Galesville will be at 10:30 AM


"Peace to you!" from
Pastor Jon Cox

Thank you for visiting the Bethel website! 

Bethel is a family of believers in the one true God.  He has done all that the world needs to be saved from sin.

Jesus Christ, is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Through faith in his life, death, and resurrection, all people may have forgiveness of sins and life in heaven.

No matter what troubles may confront us in this life, God promises to provide for all life, to care for his believers, and to work through all circumstances to bring about good for those who love him.

I have been a pastor since 1992, and have had the privilege to serve many people in various situations. I want to serve you too.

If you would like any spiritual or pastoral care from me, questions answered, prayers prayed, or just a listening ear, please call me on my cell phone or send an email message to me.

Pastor Jon Cox


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Faith Related Q and A

Martin Luther College (MLC) has been teaching Critical Race Theory. Has this become an official position of WELS? I'm looking for a straight answer, not rationalization. I feel terrible about the Synod having been possibly compromised.
While I teach at the college you mention, I thought it would be best if the President of the college provided the response. Here is his response to your question and concern. “Critical Race Theory is ‘taught’ at MLC only in regard to making students aware of its assumptions and presuppositions. In keeping with what Paul urges in 2 Corinthians 10:5 (‘Take captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ’), such study helps our students analyze this theory in light of Scripture. It is no different from how we ‘teach’ evolution at MLC. Our students need to be aware of such human theories so that they can analyze them thoughtfully and biblically in light of the gospel.”
I am a member of a WELS church. Can I be an associate member at another synod Lutheran Church while keeping my membership intact at my WELS church?
No. Such a situation is not workable. With church membership, people commit themselves to the doctrine and practice of that church. If multiple memberships were allowed, people would be committing themselves to different doctrines and practices. Membership in more than one church presents many challenges. One of the most practical and serious deals with the spiritual care of the individual, especially if church discipline were involved (Matthew 18:15-20). Confusion and/or disagreement over which pastor is the primary shepherd of the individual would be a natural result.
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Forward in Christ

The book of James: When battling temptation
Last time, James spoke about trials; this time, he speaks about temptation. Though he uses the same Greek word for both, their meanings are far different, as the context shows. Trials are outward tests that God uses to detach us from the world and attach us to his Word. Temptations come to weaken and even […]

Bethel Evangelical
Lutheran Church

N29280 Loesel Lane
Arcadia, WI  54612

In Arcadia, Sunday 
worship is at 8:30 a.m.

N16303 Church Lane
Galesville, WI  54630

In Galesville, Sunday 
worship is at 10:30 a.m.


Bethel Staff

Pastor Jon N. Cox

Karla Johnson
Administrative Assistant


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