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We are happy for you to meet
Pastor Ron Baerbock

God is good.  One way that the members of Bethel Lutheran in Arcadia and Galesville measure God's goodness is by considering the way the Lord has sent pastors to serve with us.  We are especially grateful for the arrival of our newest pastor, Ron Baerbock.
Pastor Baerbock and his wife Karen (pictured here) have been married since 1970 and have served in congregations and mission fields from 1973 to 2015.  The Lord directed them from the suburbs of Milwaukee to the Pacific coast of Washington, from islands in the Caribean to villages in both Northern and Southern Mexico.  From serving to Coordinate mission field work to helping to produce multi-language outreach material, Pastor Baerbock has enjoyed a wide range of ministry experiences.  One great blessing that the Baerbocks bring to us is that they are both fluent in Spanish as well as English.
There is no doubt that Pastor and his wife count their four children and 18 grandchildren among the greatest blessings that the Lord has given to them.  Though their children live at some distance from mom and dad - West coast, Milwaukee, and two in Minnesota - the Baerbocks praise God for the faith in Jesus Christ that binds them all together.
Pastor Baerbock, as a previously retired minister, has been called to serve with Bethel in a part-time role for the next two years.  This provides Bethel with extra manpower and the Baerbocks with the opportunity to still enjoy some well-earned retirement.  Though their time with us is limited, the Lord will not put limits on the message of Christ to bring spiritual blessings to those whom we serve with God's Word.
We are happy for you to meet Pastor and Mrs. Baerbock.  We would be happier still for you to know Jesus through our ministry of the Word at Bethel Lutheran.
From Sunday to Sunday, in Arcadia and Galesville, you will find Pastors Cox and Baerbock opening up the Scriptures to all who attend.  Come and hear what good news God's Word has for you to know!  

Contact Pastor Baerbock by email - - or phone (715) 299-0786


"Peace to you!" from
Pastor Jon Cox

Grace and peace to you from Jesus Christ!  It is good to greet all those who visit the Bethel Lutheran Church website. Thank you for your interest. We would be especially glad if what you saw here would lead you to visit us in Galesville or Arcadia.

My wife, Doreen, and I have been married since 1990.  We've been at home on the west side of Galesville for nearly six years now. Our neighbors in the Coulee Region are so friendly, hardworkding, and genuine. We are happy to be at home here. 

The members of Bethel have really helped us feel like family.  This is a special blessing when parents see their children growing and going.  God blessed us with five children, ranging in ages from 25 to 15.  The experiences of parenting have helped us so much to be able to help others who face the many challenges that can be a part of family life. The goodness of God has certainly carried us through.

Over the last 25 years of ministry, I've been blessed to serve in a wide variety of settings and situations.  

Starting out in a small congregation in the heart of Texas, I learned how true it is that people of differing places and cultures still face some of the very same troubles.  We all need the Word of God to counsel and direct our lives.    

Serving for 14 years in a congregation of over 1,300 members helped me learn a host of skills.  Working with people on a one-to-one basis as well as with committees, we found that the good news of Jesus Christ is the one constant power that both motivates us to reach for success and comforts us when faced with failure.  

Now after six years in a multi-site congregation of Bethel Arcadia and Galesville, the Lord has shown all the more his ability to be faithful to his beloved people.  We can always trust the goodness of God to bless and sustain us.

It is always a blessing to meet  new people at church.  I would be so happy to help you know Jesus Christ.  Take a little time, read about what we believe, then come and see for yourself all the good things that God is doing at Bethel!

Contact Pastor Cox by email - - or phone (608) 582-9998

Meet our Preschool Teacher
Mrs. Amy Bohme

A “few” years ago, I grew up in Winona, attended high school at Luther High in Onalaska and continued my education at Martin Luther College.  After college I taught in Madison, WI, then Yale, MI, on to Beijing, China, back to the states and Cannon Falls, MN. Most recently I was a teacher for St. John's in Red Wing, MN.   During those years I taught anywhere from 3 and 4-year old preschool through 8th grade. 
I met my husband while teaching in China. Now my husband, Shannon, and I have the joy and challenge of parenting three lovely girls.  The oldest is 10, then 8, and our youngest is 6.  We recently moved back to Winona, to the home where I spent half my childhood.
I love teaching.  Next to my Savior and my family, this is my passion.  All ages of children are a blessing and I enjoy them.  The love they show because of their faith, shines in them.  The understanding they share of this amazing world God gave us, gives me joy.  I love watching children learn and grow in their faith, academics, and abilities. 
September 2016 is my first year as Bethel Little Lamb Preschool Director and Teacher.  I am confident God will bless this new venture for all involved.   I pray God blesses each child and family at Bethel Little Lamb Preschool with His love, patience, and joy. 
3 Fun Facts About Mrs. Bohme
1:  She has climbed the Great Wall of China 6 times.
2:  She can hardly wait to have more animals at their new home.
3:  She has never tasted a vegetable she did not like.

Contact Mrs. Bohme by email - - or phone (651) 212-3964
Faith Related Q and A

I am struggling with my two sisters with their lifestyles and decisions. One sister has chosen to marry a Muslim man. She told me she doesn't follow all of her husband's beliefs and she still likes to follow Christmas traditions and believes that Jesus existed but not the many things the Bible tells about his good works. My other sister commits many crimes, does not attend church but says she follows Jesus. I have tried many times to get my sisters to follow more of a Christian path, while I myself do not claim to be without sin and do not know how they feel in their heart about Jesus. Is it wrong for me to want to distance myself from them and also keep my two young children away from them so they do not see the lifestyles in which they lead ? Thank you.
You are rightly concerned about the influence your sisters’ examples might have on your children. Children can be very impressionable. But think of it this way: when your children do have contact with your sisters, you have an opportunity to talk to your children afterwards and correct any wrong ideas they might have heard or address any wrong actions they might have seen. It could also be the case that you have conversations with your children, preparing them for contact with your sisters. Contact of some kind with your sisters might help your children grow in Christian discernment and Christian witnessing. As far as you distancing yourself from your sisters, I always think of this: if Christians withdraw from people’s lives, who is going to be a positive Christian witness in their lives? Who will be a salt and a light (Matthew 5:13-16) to those people? Certainly, God can use the witness of other Christians for your sisters, but your witness is already one that is present in your sisters’ lives. You will prayerfully determine how best to safeguard your children and show love to your sisters. God bless you and your family—your immediate and extended families.
This past Sunday our pastor denied Communion to the president of our congregation. The only reason given was that until differences between the pastor and the president are resolved, he is not allowed to attend Holy Communion. For now, my question is this, does WELS support this pastor's decision in using Lord's Supper as a threat to gain his own way (the pastor's) or be denied God's Holy Sacraments that promise us forgiveness, life, and salvation? Ever?
Seminary students preparing for service in our church body as pastors learn this in The Shepherd Under Christ: a Textbook for Pastoral Theology – “Neither the church nor its pastor has the ability or the right to examine and judge hearts. The pastor will accept the confession of the mouth and dare not judge a person to be impenitent on the basis of feelings the pastor has about that person’s sincerity. But when impenitence has become outwardly evident, the pastor must avoid becoming a partaker of another’s sin by knowingly giving communion to the openly impenitent (1 Tm 5:22). Withholding communion is then a forceful preaching of the law to call the sinner to repentance. Likewise such withholding will avoid public offense which could result from giving communion to one whose sin is public and whose impenitence is evident” (p. 81). “Suspension from Communion” is a course of action, in keeping with Matthew 18, that is available for a pastor as he works with an impenitent church member. Any disciplinary action by a pastor is not to be for personal advantage but to try to lead an impenitent sinner to repentance. The motive of church discipline is always to be that of love and concern for impenitent sinners.
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