Bethel Family Christmas

Thank you very much
for your interest in

Bethel Family Christmas.  

Our church entrance is located behind the property and can be easily reached by means of Winnebago Rd. (on the south side of the highway at the Galesville stoplight). As the road curves southeast it becomes McKeeth Dr.  Follow that to Church Lane.  Turn right and head down Church Lane into Bethel's parking lot.

We are working to provide fun and festive activities as well as a tasty supper.  We are not asking for our guests to pay for this event, but offer it as a gift to our community.  

Everyone is welcome.  there will be activities that a person of any age could enjoy.  In addition, this is not just an event for little children.  Rather, we are offering a family atmosphere to all no matter what  your family status may be.

While these activities will be closely connected to Christmas as a celebration of the birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ, we will not require you to explain what you believe.  We simply offer the event in the hope that it will be a blessing to you and those with you.

If there is any other questions we can answer for you or information we can provide, please call Pastor Jon Cox at 608-582-9998.  He will be very happy to help.