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We Need a Teacher

We are still looking for a qualified
teacher for our preschool.

Part of what has made Bethel Little Lamb Preschool a ministry that our congregation has wanted to operate is that we believe that helping little children to know their Savior is vital for their healthy development.
In light of that desire for a quality ministry, we believe that the person who represents our congregation and our Lord should possess three valuable characteristics:
  1. Our teacher should share our Lutheran Christian faith, confessing with us what we believe about God, his world, his Word, and his saving work.
  2. Our teacher should be prepared to provide a quality education by having achieved a college degree in education themselves. 
  3. Our teacher should be prepared to teach little children by either having specific training in Early Childhood Education (ECE) at the college level or by having gained experience in ECE by having served in a preschool setting.
While we believe that these characteristics are essential for us to provide the level of education that our Lord deserves and that will best start your children out right on their path of life, we also recognize (especially now) that teachers in our area with these characteristics are in short supply.